Commercial Application

For end-users, it's easy to get frustrated by the rising price of fossil fuels. Why rely on them? Rely on proven technology. The JAGA heat pump is one of the most economical and cleanest heating technologies using the unlimited free heat in the environment. JAGA continues to improve its heat pump technology to make it more efficient. JAGA heat pumps are the best option for people who want to lower their heating bills and adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to heating. After all, the environment provides an unlimited and free supply of energy to heat pumps. JAGA heat pump technology is fully mature, the use of external energy, power consumption is very small. As an experienced system integration provider, JAGA can provide appropriate solutions for both retrofit and new construction.

The hotel's air conditioning and hot water are an important guarantee of its high quality service and good customer experience. In view of the characteristics of low winter temperature and large demand for hot water in the mountain area of the project, Jaga adopts the following countermeasures: a triple-supply heat pump with DC frequency conversion + jet enthalpy increase is adopted to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water; Preheating domestic hot water by using the original solar energy;

According to the characteristics of the project, it is an efficient, stable and energy-saving solution to modify the control program of heat pump peripheral equipment and adopt air source heat pump system for year-round heating and air conditioning and domestic hot water supply. Innovative intelligent controls and energy consumption monitoring both assist hotel management and enable guests to participate in energy conservation. Thanks to their unique use of building technology, Treetop Villas and rammed earth cottages have been awarded the International LEED Green Building Platinum certification.

European design
Our heat pumps are designed in Belgium with top energy saving and efficiency.
Development and production in China
With high efficiency R&D and integrated supply chain in China our new generations of heat pump can launch the market quickly.
Super low noise level
Excellent heat pump structure makes noise control at super low level.
Support by Link & Care platform
Link & Care platform is developed by our team. It can be also OEM or ODM for our heat pump customers.
Green clean technology
The heat pump is increasingly important in energy saving industry all over the world.
Easy maintenance and service
Package design of heat pumps make the site installation and maintenance easy.
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