Residential Application

It is well known that a pump is a device for transporting liquid from a low place to a high place. Similarly, a heat pump is a device that transfers heat from a low-heat medium to a high-heat medium. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air or soil and are used to vaporize the refrigerant with a low boiling point. The resulting gas is compressed by a scroll compressor and the temperature rises. The high temperature refrigerant gas in the condenser transfer heat to the hot water or domestic hot water heating system, and then into a liquid. Finally, the high pressure refrigerant expands through the expansion valve and the cycle begins again.

With increasingly requirement of smart, comfort and energy saving of residential applications, heat pump also can be regarded as home appliance, and it need to be compatible with other home appliance like TV, washing machine, floor cleaner and even curtain, LED lights and door etc. Our Muse M monoblock air to water heat pump can be used as system product. We also provide system solutions for our customers.

Considering the limited installation space for residential application, our R&D teams pay much attention to the components positions of our heat pump structure. Our design is with reasonable space for future maintenance. Meanwhile our compact design makes our heat pump can be suitable for most of residential applications. Even for single room apartment or social houses are fit for our heat pump installation. Furthermore, well-organized internal structure make us our heat pump with super low noise which is a key issue for residential applications.

European design
Our heat pumps are designed in Belgium with top energy saving and efficiency.
Development and production in China
With high efficiency R&D and integrated supply chain in China our new generations of heat pump can launch the market quickly.
Super low noise level
Excellent heat pump structure makes noise control at super low level.
Support by Link & Care platform
Link & Care platform is developed by our team. It can be also OEM or ODM for our heat pump customers.
Green clean technology
The heat pump is increasingly important in energy saving industry all over the world.
Easy maintenance and service
Package design of heat pumps make the site installation and maintenance easy.
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