Residential Application

As commonly understood, a pump is a device designed to move liquid from a low elevation to a higher one. Similarly, a heat pump functions by transferring heat from a lower-temperature medium to a higher-temperature one. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air or soil, causing the refrigerant with a low boiling point to vaporize. The resulting gas is then compressed by a scroll compressor, which increases its temperature. In the condenser, the high-temperature refrigerant gas releases heat to the hot water or domestic heating system, turning back into a liquid. Finally, the high-pressure refrigerant expands through the expansion valve, restarting the cycle.

With the growing demand for smart, comfortable, and energy-efficient residential applications, heat pumps are now considered essential home appliances. They need to seamlessly integrate with other household appliances such as TVs, washing machines, floor cleaners, curtains, LED lights, and doors. Our Muse M monoblock air-to-water heat pump is designed to function as part of a comprehensive system. Additionally, we offer tailored system solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

In consideration of the limited installation space in residential applications, our R&D teams prioritize the positioning of components within our heat pump structure. Our design allows for ample space for future maintenance while maintaining a compact footprint, making our heat pumps suitable for a wide range of residential settings. Whether it's a single-room apartment or social housing, our heat pumps are well-suited for installation. Additionally, our meticulously organized internal structure ensures that our heat pumps operate with exceptionally low noise levels, addressing a key concern in residential environments.

European Design
Our heat pumps are meticulously crafted in Belgium, embodying the renowned European standards of excellence. With a focus on energy efficiency and top-tier performance, our designs seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics. Experience the pinnacle of energy-saving innovation and efficiency with our European-designed heat pumps.
Development and Production in China
Benefitting from our high-efficiency research and development capabilities and an integrated supply chain in China, we are able to swiftly introduce our new generations of heat pumps to the market. Our streamlined processes and close collaboration with local partners enable rapid innovation and production, ensuring that our cutting-edge heat pump technologies are promptly available to meet the needs of our customers.
Super Low Noise Level
Our heat pump's excellent structural design enables us to achieve an exceptionally low noise level. Through meticulous engineering and innovative techniques, we prioritize noise control, ensuring that our heat pumps operate at a super low level. Enjoy the comfort of a quiet environment without compromising on performance with our noise-conscious heat pump solutions.
Support by Link & Care Platform®
Our team has developed the Link & Care platform®, a sophisticated system designed to provide comprehensive support for our heat pump users. This platform, tailored to our customers' needs, offers a range of features including monitoring, diagnostics, and remote control capabilities. Furthermore, the Link & Care platform can be customized as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) solution for our heat pump customers, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. Experience unparalleled support and control with our innovative Link & Care platform.
Green Clean Technology
The heat pump plays an increasingly vital role in the global energy-saving industry. With its ability to efficiently transfer heat from one location to another, the heat pump technology contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. As sustainability becomes a top priority worldwide, heat pumps emerge as a key solution for achieving cleaner and greener energy usage across various sectors.
Easy Maintenance and Service
Our heat pumps are designed with user-friendly package designs that facilitate effortless site installation and maintenance. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, our packaging ensures that technicians can quickly and easily perform routine maintenance tasks, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Experience hassle-free servicing and upkeep with our thoughtfully designed heat pump packages.
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