Industrial Application

Jaga China also extends our business in industrial applications. Recent years the international situation is not stable. Many countries are care about the energy safety. New clean energy, like solar power, wind and heat pumps etc. are more and more important for a sustainable world. However the cost of developing these power is not always easy and clean. The electrical car industry in China is booming these years. By the end of 2023, China becomes No. 1 electrical car exporting country. Many cities in China the government cars and even taxi are electrical car.

Therefore the battery air conditioners or called battery thermal management system is becoming a very hot business. In 2022, we also developed our ranges of battery thermal management system products. By the end of your 2023, this ranges of products are becoming a new sales increase point. We have battery thermal management unit for container power station and car battery replacement station. Only for TESLA and NIO, there are more than 10000 car battery replacement stations built in China in 2023.

Car battery swap station, like Nio Electrical Car. In the 2024, china will build more than 3000 battery swap station.

European design
Our heat pumps are designed in Belgium with top energy saving and efficiency.
Development and production in China
With high efficiency R&D and integrated supply chain in China our new generations of heat pump can launch the market quickly.
Super low noise level
Excellent heat pump structure makes noise control at super low level.
Support by Link & Care platform
Link & Care platform is developed by our team. It can be also OEM or ODM for our heat pump customers.
Green clean technology
The heat pump is increasingly important in energy saving industry all over the world.
Easy maintenance and service
Package design of heat pumps make the site installation and maintenance easy.
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