Link & Care Platform

Link & Care Platform includes: 4G network transmission module, cloud computing platform, web management platform and terminal management APP. It can monitor the operating status of heat pump equipment simultaneously, read system alarm records, and modify equipment database parameters. The upgrade of the heat pump equipment can also be achieved remotely by OTA.

Link & Care Platform can monitor the operating status of the main components of the heat pump equipment, query the 4G module, the online situation of the heat pump equipment, and the number of alarms.

The remote upgrade of the 4G module's own program and equipment can be also achieved. Meanwhile if heat pump is optional equipped electricity meter, platform can also choose electricity charging function. This is very useful for many commercial applications.

The dealer management function is also very useful for our different level of dealers. Under this function, new dealer can be built, dealers usage level and period of validity can be set, and each dealer's releated heat pumps status and operation record will be clearly kept in our Link & Care system.

The service function of Link & Care platform is also very powerful. It can manage our heat pumps in different level. Factory and different levels of distributors can check and query the management level, after sales service period of validity, status of users and renew service. For our OEM partners, we can also provide whole Link & Care plateform OEM service as all the database and control logic is developed by our company.

European design
Our heat pumps are designed in Belgium with top energy saving and efficiency.
Development and production in China
With high efficiency R&D and integrated supply chain in China our new generations of heat pump can launch the market quickly.
Super low noise level
Excellent heat pump structure makes noise control at super low level.
Support by Link & Care platform
Link & Care platform is developed by our team. It can be also OEM or ODM for our heat pump customers.
Green clean technology
The heat pump is increasingly important in energy saving industry all over the world.
Easy maintenance and service
Package design of heat pumps make the site installation and maintenance easy.
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