Brise is with strong performance, precise control; cooling, heating, ventilation, complete functions. With a height of 255mm and excellent performance and quiet characteristics, this machine has been in a leading position in the industry, providing perfect indoor climate solutions for luxury hotels, villas and other buildings.

    High efficiency and energy-saving

    Equipped with brand new BLDC motor; Lowest minimum power input is only 5w.

    Super low noise

    Perfect air stream arrangement with optimized DC driven technology give Brize Plus excellent noise level performance.

    Free Installation

    Equipped with speed controller, customers can setting ESP (0 to 50 Pa) at site.

    Flexible control

    Both 3-speed or 0-10v control are available. If choose 3-speed control, any 3-speed controller in the market can be matched.

    Equipped with condensation pump

    Low noise level condensation pump can make sure no condensation over loaded from the drain pan. Pump lift distance is 1.5m.

    European design
    Our heat pumps are designed in Belgium with top energy saving and efficiency.
    Development and production in China
    With high efficiency R&D and integrated supply chain in China our new generations of heat pump can launch the market quickly.
    Super low noise level
    Excellent heat pump structure makes noise control at super low level.
    Support by Link & Care platform
    Link & Care platform is developed by our team. It can be also OEM or ODM for our heat pump customers.
    Green clean technology
    The heat pump is increasingly important in energy saving industry all over the world.
    Easy maintenance and service
    Package design of heat pumps make the site installation and maintenance easy.
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