W-Soul Anti-legionella DHW Watertank

    W-Soul Anti-legionella DHW Watertank

    Perfect solution against Legionella contamination and scalds

    • No need to store domestic hot water
    • Secondary separation of refrigerant circuit - the perfect partner for a heat pump
    • German tüv safety certification
    • High quality stainless steel & high performance insulation
    • Multiple energy source connectivity




    The purity of domestic hot water (DHW) is a subject that is given very little attention in daily life, although it is an 

    important health issue for the human body. Therefore, it is very important for us to consider the following points:

    Purity of domestic hot water

    Domestic hot water is not sterile, it contains small amounts of microbes and bacteria. 

    Improper use can cause these bacteria to multiply and lead to a bacterium called Legionella.

    Avoid long periods of stagnant storage

    Domestic hot water should not be stored for more than 72 hours without use, otherwise 

    the Legionella bacteria can develop.

    Safe domestic hot water temperature

    There is a risk of scalding if human skin comes into contact with domestic hot water above 55°C (131°F). 

    Therefore, excessive domestic hot water temperatures should be avoided. 



    As shown in the diagram above, high temperatures are necessary to prevent the development of Legionella. However, there is a risk of scalding.


    Perfect solution against Legionella contamination and scalds


    In traditional domestic hot water systems, domestic hot water is produced and stored in the tank, as shown in the figure above. In this application, if the water stands still for too long, all kinds of microbes and bacteria will contaminate the water in the tank. To prevent this, the entire tank should be heated to a high temperature on a regular basis, this ensures that the formed microbes and bacteria are broken down. The disadvantage of this is that it leads to a hot water odor (microbial residue after breakdown), risk of scalds and high energy consumption.


    Our Wsoul hygiene domestic hot water boiler, also known as Wsoul reverse domestic hot water boiler, ensures with the help of our super heat exchanger coil that it is no longer necessary to produce domestic hot water and then store it. With Wsoul we only produce domestic hot water and do not store it, the advantages of this are, no formation of microbes and bacteria, low ΔT, delivers the same DHW flow rate as a gas boiler, ... All this in compliance with European standards for drinking water.




    The Wsoul hygiene domestic hot water boiler stores heat generated by the heat pump to prepare domestic hot water, where the quality of the water is crucial. The refrigerant Freon (HCFC, HFC) and lubricating oil used in heat pump compressors react chemically when exposed to water and produce acidic toxins. This poses a huge threat to the quality of the water in the tank. Using Wsoul, unlike most domestic hot water boilers, we ensure that there is a second separation of the refrigerant and domestic hot water. In the event of a refrigerant leak, only the water used for heating and/or cooling rooms could be contaminated.



    Wsoul is equipped with an additional connection for a backup heat source, this makes it possible to use in addition to the heat pump a gas boiler, thermal collectors, ... as a backup heat source for the production of domestic hot water. There is also an auxiliary electric heater of 3kW integrated in Wsoul, it can be set manually or automatically.


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